Committee members and convenors/representatives are as follows:

Patron: Mick Woiwod
President: Jan Aitken 0407 682 177
Vice President: Bob West
Secretary: Diana Warrell 0414 398 565
Treasurer: Bill Pretty
General Committee: Jann Darvill
General Committee: Graham Pritchard
General Committee: Vera Herman
General Committee: Gloria Wallace
Cultural advisor: Brooke Wandin
Cultural advisor: Pam Pedersen
Friends of Moor-rul Grasslands: Jann Darvill 0419 393 758
Facebook: Paul Byrne-Moroney  0419 334 805

Nillumbik Reconciliation Group ABN: 61 506 201 828

Business Meetings of the Nillumbik Reconciliation Group are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month (except January). If you would like to attend please contact the Secretary for time and location. Members are given advance notice of other meetings — discussions, lectures, presentations, etc. — by mail, email, News sheet or Newsletter. You are welcome to contact any member of the Committee or you can email or write to the Group for the latest update.