The Gawa Wurundjeri Resource Trail is part of the
Panton Hill Bushland Reserves System
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The Trail is at 873 Eltham-Yarra Glen Road, Watsons Creek:

Gawa Trail MapHover over the map to enlarge.  You can see large images of the new Gawa plaques here

Plaque #0 (Welcome) WOMIN JEKA! — the Woiwurrung words for ‘Welcome’ The GAWA WURUNDJERI RESOURCE TRAIL offers you a burra
Tea Tree
Plaque #1 TEA TREE Kunzea ericoides Woiwurrung name: BURGAN The Burgan’s straight stems were perfect for spears used for hunting
Spiny Headed Mat-Rush
Plaque #2 SPINY-HEADED MAT-RUSH Lomandra longifolia Woiwurrung name: KURAWUN The leaves, inner bark, and root fibres of many shrubs, trees
Bracken Fern
Plaque #3 WOMBAT Woiwurrung name: WARENDJI Wombats sleep during the day in their long, multi-chambered burrows. Young men were sometimes
Plaque #4 BRACKEN FERN Pteridium esculentum Woiwurrung name: the generic name for fern is BUYET The Wurundjeri used bracken fern
Victorian Chrismas Bush
Plaque #5 VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS BUSH Prostanthera lasianthos Woiwurrung name: CORANDERRK Coranderrk is a mint bush. The leaves were used by
Plaque #6 ECHIDNA Woiwurrung name: GAWARN GAWA is a derivation of gawarn. The echidna may have heard you coming and
Watsons Creek
Plaque #7 WATSONS CREEK The creek’s Woiwurrung name was never recorded. The creek provided seasonal bounty for the clan. When
Manna Gum
Plaque #8 MANNA GUM Eucalyptus viminalis Woiwurrung name: WURRUN The large tree in front of you is a Manna gum,
Red Stringybark
Plaque #9 RED STRINGYBARK Eucalyptus macrorhyncha Woiwurrung name: WAYUT Stringybark was used for building shelters or willams. Bark was cut
Plaque #10 WATTLES Acacia Silver wattle (Acacia dealbata) Woiwurrung name: MUYAN Black wattle (Acacia mearnsii) Woiwurrung name: GARRONG Blackwood (Acacia